Average Business Consultant Salary


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Average Business Consultant Salary

According to ZipRecruiter, the average Business Consultant salary is between $44,500 and $130,000. The top earners in this field earn more than $130,000 annually. However, the range varies greatly depending on your experience and location. The following information is provided to help you compare salaries for various business consulting positions.


A Hewlett-Packard business consultant typically earns around $78,000 a year, or $38 an hour. This is slightly higher than the national average for Business Consultants. This compensation is based on the number of years of experience, location, and benefits.

The company’s salary range varies considerably based on the role and organizational function. On average, employees in the administrative and warehouse organizational functions earn $40,724, while those in the sales and marketing functions earn an average of $82,743. For the sake of comparison, a material handler makes a salary of $32,445 a year.

The average HP Consultant salary is $32,000 to $85,000, with the highest paid consultants earning approximately $132,000 a year. The salary range varies based on years of experience, skills, and location.


While the average business consultant salary at Accenture is not the highest, it is fairly high compared to other consulting firms. This global company is considered one of the best in its field, and their consultants provide clients with deep expertise and objective insights. However, there are some conditions that you should be aware of before starting a job at Accenture.

An entry level consultant salary at Accenture is about $78,000 per year. In addition to a base salary, an undergrad will receive a signing bonus of up to $500, along with a relocation payment of up to $2,000. The salary of an MBA at Accenture is typically $105,000 per year, and comes with a signing bonus of $5,000.

The salary range for an Accenture Consultant varies depending on the position and organizational function. The highest-paid employees earn approximately $123,675 a year, while the lowest-paid employees make less than $59,000 per year. Those working in the marketing and business development departments make the highest salaries.

Ernst & Young

The average business consultant salary at Ernst & Young is $69,000. This is slightly higher than the national average. The company offers performance bonuses and profit-sharing opportunities. At the senior level, you can expect to earn a salary of about $175,000 a year. You can also expect to earn a signing bonus of up to $25,000 and a performance bonus of up to $80,000.

The firm’s pay scale is based on the office location, so an Associate in Atlanta would receive a slightly lower salary than an Associate in New York. However, there is no way to know exactly what you can expect until you get an offer letter. BCG, McKinsey, and Ernst & Young update their starting salaries every so often based on other firms, so you may find a difference between locations or between firms.

The average EY consultant salary varies greatly depending on their location and level of experience. The US consultant makes an average of $105,000 per year and those in other developed countries earn between $70,000 and $30,000 per year. The salary for senior managers at EY is more than double that of their counterparts.

West Business Services

The average business consultant salary at West Business Services is $24,000 a year or $12 an hour. This is almost one-fifth below the national average. Business Consultants at West Business Services are paid less than the national average of $71,000 a year – which is also lower than the average salary for all working Americans. The highest-paying West Business Services employees are Business Consultants at Gambro, while the lowest-paid are Business Consultants at West Business Services.

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