Choose a Technology Insurance Company to Protect Your Assets


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Choose a Technology Insurance Company to Protect Your Assets

If you are a technology company and need to protect your assets, it is a smart move to partner with a technology insurance company. In this fast-paced industry, companies need to be highly engaged, networked, and prepared to respond quickly to changes in technology and client needs. Fortunately, Chubb understands this industry and has experience in developing effective insurance solutions for technology companies. They offer a wide range of integrated technology insurance solutions for a variety of types of companies.


Chubb understands the unique requirements of technology companies. They provide comprehensive, integrated tech insurance solutions that safeguard against the risks inherent in this rapidly changing industry. These solutions include cyber risk management, data breach coverage, and contract exposures. They can also protect human resources and R&D investment. Chubb’s dedicated technology team understands the challenges technology companies face and can help clients determine the best approach to safeguard their assets and data.

Chubb also works with a wide range of alternative energy and renewable energy producers, clean transportation, smart grid and emerging technology companies. The company has been providing insurance coverage for these companies for nearly three decades. Chubb also serves small and mid-sized businesses, high net worth individuals, and global corporations. The company is a leading provider of technology insurance solutions and works closely with technology firms from all over the world. The company insures over 50% of the U.S.-based Global Clean Tech 100.

The Hartford

The Hartford technology insurance company provides comprehensive insurance programs for companies in the technology industry. Hartford has a proven track record in helping technology companies manage risks. Its technology insurance programs are backed by Hartford’s Life Science Practice, which provides holistic solutions for a technology business’ unique needs. With an easy-to-understand proposal process, Hartford aligns clients with reputable carriers to offer comprehensive coverage.

Among its many products is FailSafe MEGA, which covers technology professionals with annual sales of $15 million or less. It also automatically covers newly acquired subsidiaries for up to 90 days, and has broad reporting and grace period conditions. This coverage is ideal for companies that offer technology-based products and services. But the insurance company’s comprehensive technology insurance coverage can’t cover every risk your business faces.


GovTech is a technology insurance company focused on the needs of technology companies that work with the government. Its unique policyholder ownership model, coupled with its underwriting policies tailored to the technology industry, allows policyholders to obtain timely coverage and save 40% on their insurance premiums. What’s more, the company’s service extends far beyond the standard client/carrier relationship.

The company’s CEO, Kevin FitzPatrick, has over 25 years of experience as a commercial and employee benefits insurance executive. He regularly lectures to Washington DC-area business leaders about insurance, employee benefits, and healthcare strategies. Before forming GovTech, he held executive positions at MetLife and Mutual of New York.

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