NBA Revolution Hobby Box Checklist


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NBA Revolution Hobby Box Checklist

There are many things to consider when you open your NBA Revolution hobby box. You’ll want to look for inserts, autographs, and parallels. Some boxes have several dozen parallels and autographs. Some of these items are rare and may be worth a lot of money.

Chinese New Year boxes have a dozen parallels

The NBA Revolution is one of the most popular cards of all time, and there are more than a dozen parallels to look for in Chinese New Year packs. Most hobby packs include one parallel, but the Chinese New Year boxes have as many as twelve. The parallels range from Astro to Groove, Impact to Cosmic, and NBA 75th Anniversary. There are also a handful of Galactic versions, which are extremely rare.

The NBA Revolution hobby box checklist for the 2021-22 season is less about hits and more about collecting rare parallels. This set features four rookie cards, four inserts, and eight different parallels. Many of the parallels are unique, including an NBA 75th Anniversary edition and Sunburst parallels.


NBA Revolution is a brand known to the basketball community. It returns to retail this season with a wide array of autographs, parallels, and inserts. You’ll find all the big names in the league in this set, from Kobe Bryant to Damian Lillard. You can even break the box live for a chance to get a personalized autograph.

The NBA Revolution hobby box checklist is one of the best ways to collect your favorite players. Each box is filled with multiple autographs, inserts, and parallels. Some boxes feature a randomly inserted autograph, while others are full of parallels. Some packs feature an exclusive Chinese New Year parallel. This year’s set is also filled with some great rookies.


The 2021-22 Panini NBA Revolution basketball cards are a great choice for basketball card collectors who are into shiny, abstract designs. With 10 parallels per base card, this set is full of goodies. Some of these parallels are subtle while others are very obvious.

Parallels in this hobby set range from common to rare, and there are several ways to get them. Most packs contain four rookies, one insert, and eight parallels per box. Each box also contains six on-card autographs. You can find a variety of different parallels and inserts in a box, including one for the Chinese New Year. Each box includes a different Chinese New Year parallel, featuring the top 2021 NBA rookies.


Inserts are the base of a card set, and are commonly die-cut or short print. The 2021-22 Revolution set includes short print inserts, as well as die-cut Star Factors and autographs of rookies, veterans, legends, and Chinese New Year characters. The 2021-22 set is an exciting and unique product, brimming with inserts.

The 2021-22 Revolution basketball hobby box is a slightly different product than traditional Panini basketball cards. It features inserts, not hits, and focuses on parallels and inserts. The set features eight parallels, four rookies, and eight inserts. Each pack contains three cards, one insert, and one parallel.

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