The Orange County Property Appraiser


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Orange County Property Appraiser

The Orange County Property Appraiser is a government-owned organization. It employs about 130 people. They work to determine the value of real estate properties. They also oversee property tax rates. The organization is dedicated to protecting the rights of homeowners. In Orange County, property taxes are collected and deposited to help pay for local schools, public services, and other government programs.

Rick Singh

Rick Singh, Orange County property appraiser, is a veteran of the field. He has experience in a broad range of valuation applications, including tax compliance, financial reporting, and corporate finance. His background also includes experience in litigation support and military service. He is the owner of Jupiter Properties, Inc.

In his first year in office, Singh returned $51 million to the county’s tax roll, a figure that represents nearly a billion dollars in total property value. During this time, he fought fraudulent claims and improved his investigation work. This helped bring the tax roll up to over $1 billion, which means more tax resources for the community.


In this year’s election, two candidates are competing to be the next Orange County property appraiser. Former Rep. Amy Mercado and businessman Khalid Muneer are running for the job. Both are tired of Rick Singh’s administration and his constant losses in the challenges to assessment increases. The elections will take place in November.

Muneer is a well-known real estate broker and civic activist. He has served on many boards and chambers of commerce in the area, and is a former banker. Currently, he is the president of Jupiter Properties, a commercial real estate brokerage. He is also a consultant for businesses and organizations.


Loucks, a write-in candidate for Orange County property appraiser, is campaigning for the office. While she has asked not to be included in News 6’s coverage of the race, she is running as an independent. She asked not to be interviewed by News 6 for this article.

Mercado is the first Puerto Rican woman to be elected property appraiser in Orange County and in the state of Florida. She said in Spanish that she is honored to serve the people of Orange County. She also expressed gratitude to her family, including her father, state Sen. Victor Torres, and uncle, Hector Rodriguez. She also thanked the women who paved the way for her in Orange County.

Mercado’s separation agreement

Mercado is the first woman to serve as Orange County property appraiser. She defeated her Democratic primary opponent, Janiel Singh, and coasted to victory in the general election. Despite the controversy surrounding her departure, Mercado has decided to stick to her guns and file a lawsuit. In her suit, she alleges that the compensation clauses in the separation agreements were unfair and illegal.

Mercado’s separation agreement, reported to Circuit Judge Jeff Ashton, does not specify why Mercado was entitled to the extra cash. In addition, it does not mention why Mercado was promised the compensatory damages. Several former advisors to Singh filed discrimination complaints with the EEOC. The three former advisors are represented by attorneys Adam C. Herman and David R. Bear. Mercado’s chief deputy and general counsel, Ana Torres, has referred inquiries about the settlement to GrayRobinson attorney Sarah Reiner, who is also involved in the mediation.

Mercado’s experience as a property appraiser

Amy Mercado was recently elected state representative in South Orlando, and she has a history of working in Orange County government. Mercado defeated Rick Singh in the primary election, and her public service background is a strong asset. She hopes to improve the lives of Orange County residents.

She is the first Puerto Rican woman to serve in the position, and the first Puerto Rican woman to hold an elected position in Orange County. Mercado thanked voters for giving her this chance to serve, and she praised her father, state senator Victor Torres, and her uncle, Hector Rodriguez. She also thanked trailblazing women in Orange County who had gone before her and inspired her to seek public office.

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